Harju JK U15 võistkond (sündinud aastal 2003), saavutas treener Jose Da Pazi eestvedamisel Eesti noorte meistrivõistlustel esiliigas neljanda koha. Hooaeg oli kokkuvõtlikult stabiilne, mängudes olime alati aktiivsed, üritasime olla domineerivam pool, mõnes mängus õnnestus see rohkem kui teises, kuid kokkuvõtlikult näitasime tugevat esitust kõikide vastu ning võtsime punkte igalt võistkonnalt. Võrreldes eelmise aasta pronksile olime küll koha võrra tagapool, kuid sellel hooajal olime palju lähemal teisele kohale kui eelmisel aastal ning suutsime saavutada parema stabiilsuse kogu hooaja vältel. Mängijad näitasid korraliku pühendumust ning treeningutel tehtud töö oli selgelt näha väljakul.
Treener Jose Da Paz kommentaar:
“We had very well defined goals individually and collectively for this season, unfortunately the main goal within our team, to stay in the TOP 3, escaped us in the last round of the championship against the champion Legion. Looking back compared to last season, with the same points we made this season last year we would still be in TOP 3 but speaking more specifically of this season, I think it was very positive, we managed to almost improve and maximize all players and practically the whole team got a lot of competition time which was excellent in every way. In general, in all the games that we disputed this season we were a dominating team, with much more ball possession then the opponents, with clear game model and determined to win all the games that we played. It was a season clearly marked by some finishing problems that cost us some important points that would allow us to be in TOP 3. The possession should have been converted to goals more often. At the level of the performance of the team I can not be sad or disappointed, we were clearly a team with personality that entered all the games to win even with the teams of the top of the league that last year we had been thrashed and this year we were always near the victory, and we show superiority over them, a very important aspect that demonstrates the quality of the work that Harju has been carrying out.”
Koosseis: Martin Aava, Kirill Aleksandr Antonov, Kristjan Hein, Mikk Hendrik Kelder, Patrick Kobakene, Henri Korts, Robin Kuusk, Aiden Madisson, Tristan Pugi, Markus Rätsep, Daniil Sakarias, Andreas Zeisig, Indrek Vahur, Sten Marten Viira, Karl Volkovskis.
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